4 Reasons To Invest In Commercial Cleaning Services

A new construction project offers tantalizing possibilities, whether it be an office renovation, a new housing development, or a warehouse expansion. However, the aftermath will include dust, dirt, and debris that needs to be cleaned up before you can utilize the new space. That’s where post-construction cleaning and regular commercial cleaning services will be needed.

While some may be tempted to have their own crews clean up and call it a day, that decision can lead to many bad outcomes. Proper post-construction cleaning is an essential part of the building process, no less important than installing drywall or laying a proper foundation. After your tenants move in, it’s also wise to schedule regular janitorial services or the occasional sanitizing service.

So, Why Bother To Invest In Commercial Cleaning Services In Denver?

Commercial Cleaning Services

  1. Safety: Construction produces leftover materials like glass, nails, and wires that can be dangerous if not removed in a proper manner. Most business owners don’t have the proper cleaning materials or professional know-how to remove dangerous materials from all the crevices and hidden areas where they can settle during and after construction. When you hire a professional post-construction cleaning service, they know where to look for dangerous debris and how to properly dispose of it. You don’t want to risk any employees getting hurt while cleaning since, as the business owner, you will be held liable for their medical bills. A proper post-construction cleaning service will be licensed and insured.
  2. Regulations: As we shared above, EPA regulations dictate that some materials like chemicals and paint must be disposed of in specified ways. It can be difficult to navigate various agency regulations if you’re handling the cleanup yourself. Ignoring these regulations can not only be dangerous to your employees but you or the construction company could also be subjected to hefty fines. A professional cleaning service will know how to dispose of regulated materials quickly and safely, and they will also have invested in the proper equipment used to handle these dangerous materials. Proper protective equipment can be a costly investment for a builder, and your staff will also need to be trained in order to handle and properly dispose of materials – another added cost if you want to do the job properly. Plus, the training takes time away from your employees that can be best used elsewhere in construction projects.
  3. Protect your building and your reputation: It’s best to employ professionals who know how to treat a newly refurbished site. Many new materials like cabinets, windows, and doors will always have residue and stickers that will need to be removed without damage. Certain cleaning products may also react negatively with some surfaces or materials. If your crews aren’t careful, they can easily damage brand-new furnishings, immediately taking away some of that sticker price. Another side to the puzzle is that you want your tenants to be satisfied with the state of the building upon move-in. Finding debris or a loose screw does not inspire confidence – as a builder you want a perfectly clean, crisp space. First impressions matter and post-construction cleanup plays a huge part in that.
  4. Convenience: Although sweeping, vacuuming, and dusting are important, they aren’t thorough enough to clean up after a construction project. It will take a long time to restore the work site if you don’t have the right equipment or experience – and your teams will undoubtedly make mistakes, further prolonging the process. A post-construction cleanup service will have all the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies, and they will complete the job in much less time. As a result, you’ll be able to go back to your usual schedule sooner while knowing that no detail has been ignored.

Our team understands how important deadlines are in the construction industry. Overdue projects mean higher costs and less profit. Hiring a professional cleaning company in Denver for the post-construction cleanup can drastically reduce your time to completion while improving the value of your new facility – that seems like a win-win to us.

While our crews are cleaning your sites, your crews can move on to the next project, keeping deadlines intact and your bottom line in good shape. When the dust settles and tenants move in, we can also offer our janitorial services or the occasional disinfecting service – whatever aligns with your needs.

Please contact us today to learn more about our professional sanitizing, disinfecting, and janitorial services in Denver.