You Should Have For Your Commercial Cleaning Company

Commercial cleaning companies offer more than a spotless clean. Your cleaning provider should also give you great customer service, reporting, customizable service options, and happy cleaning hygienists. Sure, you can check to see if the trash cans are emptied and at what time they come and go, but without context, you may not know exactly what you can expect from a commercial cleaning company.

Every company will differ in terms of communication style, cleaning practices and more – but you should be able to reasonably expect certain things from a commercial cleaning service in Denver. If you’re considering outsourcing cleaning services, janitorial services or even post-construction cleaning services, you should have a baseline to compare businesses and temper your expectations.

Below is a list of reasonable expectations for what a great commercial cleaning service should offer to you as a customer. In fact, when you’re initially consulting with a cleaning service in Denver, you can reasonably demand many of these services and expectations. After all, you’re the client and the cleaning service should be flexible with your wants and needs. That’s the foundation of any good business.

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  1. Your Cleaning Contractor Must be Licensed and Insured. This should be at the top of your priority list, as this will protect your business should one of their employees get injured while cleaning your establishment. Asking whether a business is licensed and insured should occur as early as possible. Any legitimate commercial cleaning company will be licensed and insured. If someone you’re thinking of using or are currently using is not licensed or insured, we highly recommend you switch service providers, as you are putting your business in a poor position legally and financially.
  2. You Should Not Need to Provide Cleaning Equipment or Supplies. Most cleaning service providers have their own professional cleaning products and equipment that they bring to your home or office and use. You should not have to pay extra for products or equipment – and the company should also allow you some say in what kinds of products are used. It’s becoming more common to utilize green cleaning products and your potential contractor should not charge you extra for choosing to use those products to keep your employees safer. A cleaning company may request some closet space to store certain equipment and items, but you should not have to purchase the products or equipment.
  3. Strict Scheduling But the Availability to Be Flexible. It is extremely crucial that the cleaning service provider you select has a strict scheduling policy and can appropriately meet deadlines. Ideally, the company should work with you to chalk out schedules and deadlines before beginning service at your facility. You should never have to tweak your daily routine or delay important meetings at work just to accommodate the cleaners’ schedules. Conversely, they should signal a willingness to be flexible for when your facility will not be accessible to clean. Part of running a cleaning company is the ability to be flexible, as the hours for cleaning a business are never regular – it’s all part of the business and commercial cleaning services know this.
  4. Accountability Remains Important in a Few Different Ways. Remember to check with your cleaning service provider if there is a reliable point of contact that you can connect to any time you need assistance. You also need to make sure that there is a system in place for you to keep track of all the tasks being performed by the company in your house or office, and that there are regular quality checks in place. Lastly, there should always be staff available to clean your facility. Commercial cleaning companies hire a lot of people and that should ensure that someone will always be available to maintain your space. One of the benefits of hiring a cleaning company is that you should not need to worry about the work being done – so hold your contractor to this.
  5. After Accountability, Quality Assurance Should Be Guaranteed as Well. You should expect a quality control team or at least some sort of measure to ensure that quality assurance is being performed. As a business owner you don’t have time to make sure everything in your facility is being cleaned and maintained, nor should it be your job to double-check the work of a commercial cleaning service. You should be confident that an adequate job is being performed. While some contractors only use internal quality assurance, they should be willing to offer data or evidence to you as a client that the work is being performed regularly and at a satisfactory level.
  6. Communication Should Be Welcomed and Invited. Some commercial cleaning companies think that no communication is the best communication. After all, if a client is calling, it’s only to complain right? Great commercial cleaning services don’t subscribe to that line of thinking. Frequent communication gives your commercial cleaning company the opportunity to meet your needs. Especially if you have a preference of times for cleaning or an order in which you want specific offices cleaned. Communication between you and your commercial cleaning company should include quarterly business meetings, regular phone calls, reports after cleaning, and a comprehensive kickoff to set expectations.
  7. Highly Trained Staff That Offer Efficiency and High-Quality Cleaning. Commercial cleaning services utilize complex chemicals and equipment that must be handled properly by trained professionals. You should expect your commercial cleaning company to have highly-trained staff that hold a variety of certifications. You should expect cleaning personnel to be trained in everything from specialized cleaning services like green cleaning, to personnel management and blood-borne pathogen cleaning procedures. Your hygienists should be able to handle whatever you or your tenants throw at them, but they should also be able to handle requests calmly and with discretion.
  8. You Should Expect Strict Employee Policies to Ensure That The Cleaning Staff is Performing Safely and Responsibly. Does the contractor run background checks, drug test, and train all employees? Are employees required to wear uniforms and carry IDs? You may request that employees refrain from smoking on the job, and demands like this should be respected, especially if your facility has sensitive equipment or hazardous materials. You should also expect that those with access to your facility are dependable and trustworthy, as well as trained and equipped to perform at a high level.
  9. Last But Not Least, You Should Expect a Spotless Clean, But Be Patient in the Process. After a scheduled cleaning, if you’re dissatisfied with any aspect, a commercial cleaning service should be willing to listen to you in order to correct their mistakes. Each facility and each business owner will have different demands, and great cleaning companies realize that feedback is necessary for satisfactory cleaning. After an initial cleaning, be certain to communicate what was and was not done well – commercial cleaning services take your feedback to heart and will improve where asked. Communication remains important in this aspect.

If you’re in need of a dependable commercial cleaning service in Denver, then please contact us today. You can expect excellence from our team – our work is our legacy!