The 7 Advantages of Professional Janitorial Services for Your Business

If you currently have in-house janitorial staff, or have been through the process of hiring, training, and managing your own janitorial staff – then you know well the potential headaches and problems that come along with managing a team of cleaners. As a facility manager, you have many job functions on a daily basis, and acting as an HR department for your janitorial staff shouldn’t rank too high. 

If you’re still using in-house janitorial staff, consider some of the major downsides – some of which you may have experienced firsthand already. When you’re strapped for time you cannot hire, train, manage, and retain the top talent necessary to maintain a professional level of cleanliness in your building. There are also high expenses on equipment, supplies, and paying the salary of your professional janitorial staff. You must also factor in the time-consuming training and management of your janitorial staff. When someone quits or you must fire them, you start back at square one with your employee, further consuming time and taking away from what matters most to your business.

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But there is a better option for you – hiring a third-party, professional janitorial staff. There’s little management involved, freeing up your time and your expenses. 

Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Janitorial Services Provider in Denver:

Below are some of the biggest benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning company, and a reason that many Denver schools, churches, and businesses are opting to use our professional janitorial services. 

  1. Lower labor costs: Outsourcing quality Janitorial Services can save a business money on wages, benefits, and taxes that would be required for in-house employees. Because the janitorial staff will be outsourced, there will also be no need to provide liability insurance or training – the commercial cleaning company will handle all of that. Your only responsibility will be paying a monthly or weekly invoice. 
  2. No need to invest in equipment: Hiring third-party janitorial services eliminates the need for a business to purchase and maintain equipment such as vacuum cleaners, mops, and cleaning solutions. While this doesn’t sound like a big investment, this is subject to change depending on your facility type, and staff needs to be trained on how to use and maintain equipment, which does carry a cost. While a commercial cleaning service may ask for some storage space, they will likely be using their own equipment, especially more sophisticated machines like floor shampooers or fogging sanitizing machines. 
  3. Flexibility: Using a professional janitorial service allows a business to scale up or down the amount of cleaning services as needed, which can be useful during busy or slow periods. For example, our school cleaning services slow down in the summer, but at any other time of the year, we assist with cleaning before and after special events like dances, fundraisers, and sporting events. Also, depending on the size of your organization and facility, we can customize the amount of time spent on the premises. If your business is growing, we can make plans to add services. All you have to do is give us a call and form a cleaning plan. 
  4. Improved efficiency: Professional janitorial companies often have more experience and training in cleaning, which can lead to a more efficient and thorough cleaning of a business’s facility. There’s also the reduced administrative burden, as professional janitorial services eliminate the need for a business to manage and schedule in-house cleaning staff, freeing up time and resources for other tasks. 
  5. Reduced liability: Accidents and mishaps happen, but a professional janitorial company will typically carry its own insurance. This is a huge weight off of a property manager’s shoulders, as workman’s compensation and insurance costs can very quickly add up and sometimes even threaten to take a business underwater.
  6. Improved security: Professional janitorial companies often have background checks and employee drug screening processes in place, which can improve security and reduce the risk of theft or other security breaches. Commercial cleaning companies also invest in safety training to ensure that their staff is properly using the tools, chemicals, and solutions used in sanitizing and cleaning. When cleaning chemicals are mixed, it’s easy to create a noxious solution that would be harmful to cleaning staff and facility inhabitants. 
  7. Specialized services: Many janitorial companies offer specialized cleaning services such as floor maintenance, commercial deep cleaning services, church cleaning services, school cleaning services, post-construction cleaning services, and more. When you hire a commercial cleaning service, you must make sure that they specialize in your particular industry, as they will have the proper equipment, personnel, and training to perform more efficiently. Cleaning a healthcare facility requires different equipment and personnel than a church cleaning service would offer, and the quality of cleaning would not be the same. 

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