Six Money-Saving Benefits of Hiring a Professional Janitorial Service

Hiring a commercial cleaning company for your business can seem like a major obstacle, but the long-term benefits cannot be ignored. While it may initially seem like a large investment, the benefits that professional janitorial services bring are undeniable. They save time, make your building more efficient, improve employee morale, and allow you as a building manager to focus on more important daily tasks. 

The upfront costs of hiring a commercial cleaner can vary depending on several factors, including the size and complexity of the cleaning job, the frequency of cleaning, and the location of the business. Depending on your business and industry, the costs may vary, but we provide a variety of specialized cleaning services and have the experience to come in right away and make a major difference for your business. 

Long-term Benefits of Hiring a Professional Janitorial Services Provider

If you believe that hiring a commercial cleaning company is not worth the investment of time and energy, we recommend you think again. Read below about the long-term benefits of outsourcing your janitorial team to a professional janitorial service. There are many benefits to your business, your employees, and your clientele.

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  1. Reduced labor costs: When a business hires an in-house cleaning team, they are responsible for all associated labor costs such as wages, benefits, insurance, and training. With professional cleaners, these costs are typically included in the cleaning fee and are the responsibility of the cleaning company. Also, if someone is injured on the job, the cleaning company will be liable for paying the workman’s compensation – not your business. While not likely to happen, this can easily wreck a business’ finances and threaten the livelihood of the entire company. Whenever possible, let other companies take responsibility for their cleaning crews. 
  2. Cost-effective cleaning supplies: Professional cleaners often have access to specialized cleaning supplies and equipment that can be expensive for a business to purchase and maintain in-house. By outsourcing cleaning services, businesses can benefit from the bulk purchasing power of the cleaning company, resulting in lower supply costs. Not only are the supplies cheaper in cost, but they are also likely to be higher quality and better suited to specific cleaning functions than all-purpose cleaners that may damage surfaces and objects in the long run. With better cleaning supplies and proper application, professional cleaners can clean more with less product, saving a lot of money over time, as well as improving the longevity of your assets.
  3. Improved productivity: Outsourcing cleaning services can allow businesses to focus on their core operations without the distraction of managing an in-house cleaning team. Just consider how many hours in a day or week you spend managing your cleaning team. What do you do when someone calls in sick? How much time do you have to spend on scheduling, recruiting, hiring, and training? For a task that is not central to the success of your business, this can be a tremendous drain of resources. Hiring a professional janitorial company can allow you more time to manage your essential staff, which will improve productivity from the top down. With a commercial cleaning company, you don’t have to worry about replacing anyone or finding substitutes for when someone is sick, retires, or isn’t able to perform the work. As a business owner, there are many other important things to focus on and you should leave the cleaning to a professional service. 
  4. Flexible staffing and scheduling: Professional cleaning companies can provide staffing flexibility to businesses. For example, if a business experiences an increase in cleaning needs during certain times of the year or for a certain event, a cleaning company can provide additional staff to handle the workload. This can eliminate the need for businesses to maintain a full-time cleaning team, or to ask for volunteers who will likely not perform adequately and who also may not show up to perform the work. Schools and churches often have shifting schedules with events at all hours, and much of the cleaning work cannot be performed during regular school hours. Our cleaning crews have experience cleaning schools and churches, and we come in at night, on weekends, or during breaks to perform commercial deep cleaning. This means our teams can provide better work, and your business can operate smoothly during normal hours. With no interruptions in your business, you save money from your bottom line. 
  5. Better quality control: Professional cleaning companies often have established quality control measures to ensure consistent and thorough cleaning. This can result in a cleaner and safer work environment for employees and customers, which can ultimately lead to cost savings by reducing the likelihood of accidents, injuries, or illnesses. With a cleaner facility, you reduce the risk of illness, improving employee attendance and increasing productivity, and the same can go for improved safety by reducing the risk of injury and the subsequent costs associated with compensation, claims, and insurance. Also, with better quality cleaning you reduce the number of times that a cleaning procedure must be redone or performed again. When the job is done right the first time, it saves you money in the long run because you don’t have to contact your cleaner and request the work to be performed again, which can slowly but surely eat away at your time. 
  6. Improve the longevity of your facility: When we maintain systems like plumbing and HVAC, they last longer, perform better and reduce the associated costs. Regularly cleaning items like floors, vents, furnaces, air filters, and light fixtures can play an important role in expanding their useful lifetime. Other sensitive equipment such as technological products can also benefit from regular cleaning which will allow more efficient performance and improved lifespans. Our cleaning teams have experience cleaning a range of different components within facilities and we know how to clean without causing damage to your most vital infrastructure. 

Often times the biggest hurdle to outsourcing cleaning with a professional janitorial service is getting started with the process. There are many companies to choose from, all with different specialties, promises, and guarantees. Depending on your type of business, you should always look for a commercial cleaning company that specializes in your field, communicates well, and offers a clear schedule and contract for you to approve.

If you’re in the Denver area and require professional janitorial services don’t wait, contact us today. You don’t want to leave money on the table!