Marijuana Dispensary Janitorial & Cleaning Services

Making sure your dispensary feels and looks clean and hygienic to every customer is crucial for your reputation. In Denver the competition among marijuana dispensaries is tight. One of the best ways to stand out and build trust is by keeping your facility pristine.

Security Conscious Cleaners

Some of our favorite clients are MJ dispensaries. We know the security factors dispensary owners need to consider when hiring a janitorial service. Working around sensitive information and products requires a particular skill set. We’re familiar with best cleaning practices for your unique environment and make sure you get the service you need without any worry.

Janitorial Service Benefits for Your Dispensary

  • We Clean So You Don’t Have to
    Outsourcing your cleaning to professionals allows you to focus on what you do best. It saves you time and money. Instead of delegating yourself and staff to cleaning duties you can focus on your services, products, and customers.
  • Keep Your Employees Healthy
    Bacteria, mold, and other germs can build up in out of site places over time. Regular professional cleaning ensures those easily neglected spots are taken care of. The proper cleaning solutions will be used, and your employees will be happy to know you’re taking care of them.
  • Protect Your Valuable Assets
    Dirt and dust can harm more than your employees’ health. Computer downtime is responsible for the loss of 3.6% of business’ annual revenue. One of the top reasons computers go down is dust. Regular dusting and cleaning keep your business running with no downtime.
  • The Right Tools for the Job
    Like every professional industry, cleaners have the best tools for what they do. We use all of the latest cleaning tech to ensure the cleanest outcome possible. We work fast, thoroughly, and always have a smile.
  • Flexible Hours
    Our marijuana dispensary clients have a challenging schedule. We’re able to work with your schedule to be there when it’s most ideal. If there’s a slow period where there’s not a lot of customers, we can clean during those hours if you prefer.

MJ Dispensary Janitorial Services

Legacy Janitorial can service your dispensary weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Some of the things we do include:

  • Empty, disinfect, and reline all trash receptacles
  • Clean the kitchen/break room
  • Clean and disinfect bathrooms from top to bottom
  • Clean the entrance doors
  • Sweep, vacuum and mop all floors
  • Clean tables, chairs, and mats
  • Dust and/or clean all desktops (without moving items placed on desks)
  • Dust all computer monitors and screens
  • Dust all window sills and door frames
  • “Green” cleaning products available

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Janitorial Services

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Your Denver Marijuana Dispensary Janitorial Cleaning Services

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