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Keeping your office clean for your employees and clients is the foundation for business success. A consistently clean office sets the tone for employee expectations and client impressions. You need to work with a company that is experienced and familiar with office setting cleaning demands and can be trusted to work during your office off hours.

Pre-screened Professional Cleaners

There’s no need to screen dozens of potential cleaners when you work with a professional cleaning service. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured. We have a rigorous screening process and ensure every employee we hire is properly vetted and ready to work.

Janitorial Service Benefits for Your Office

  • Reduced Employee Absence
    One of the top reasons employees miss work is due to illness. If your office isn’t being cleaned and disinfected thoroughly, there’s a greater chance of spreading germs. Most germs transfer from surfaces that are not regularly cleaned. Bacteria can survive for days on inanimate objects. Stop the spread of germs, especially during flu season by having a professional cleaning service regularly disinfect vulnerable office spaces.
  • Protect Your Office Equipment
    Computers and other advanced technology are expensive. Appliances aren’t cheap either. Avoid repairs and downtime on your equipment with regular dusting and cleaning. If you have equipment that requires special cleaning techniques, we can accommodate you.
  • Don’t Worry About OSHA Compliance and other Liability Issues
    When you decide to purchase the same equipment and supplies professional cleaners use you have to train your staff. They will need to understand OSHA regulations and how to operate and use the equipment and cleaning supplies safely. When you keep cleaning duties in-house, you are responsible for OSHA compliance and the health and safety of the occupants in your building. Do you really have time for that? Outsource that burden to a professional cleaning service and focus on what you do best.
  • Superior Skills and Technology
    Professional janitorial service companies come equipped with the latest tools and skills for the job. If you aren’t using the right tools with the proper technique, you’ll likely end up spreading dirt and dust around rather than capturing it and eliminating it. Using the right tools result in a more efficient and complete job.
  • A More Thorough Cleaning
    There many cleaning tasks that cannot be adequately performed during the day when the office is occupied. When you have a janitorial crew come in during the off hours, you get dusting and disinfection of personal areas. The trash cans will be completely emptied and disinfected, eliminating bacteria and unpleasant odors. Vacuuming and mopping will be carried out thoroughly. Bathrooms get the deep clean they demand without interrupting employee use.

Office Janitorial Services

Legacy Janitorial can service your dispensary weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Some of the things we do include:

  • Empty, disinfect, and reline all trash receptacles
  • Clean the kitchen/break room
  • Clean and disinfect bathrooms from top to bottom
  • Clean the entrance doors
  • Sweep, vacuum and mop all floors
  • Clean tables, chairs, and mats
  • Dust and or clean all desktops (without moving items placed on desks)
  • Dust all computer monitors and screens
  • Dust all window sills and door frames
  • “Green” cleaning products available

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Janitorial Services

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