Retail Store Janitorial Cleaning Services

Shining floors, clean carpets, spotless restrooms, well-kept fitting rooms, dazzling display cases… all ensure your customers keep coming back. We enhance their shopping experience by keeping your retail space immaculate. We’re familiar with which areas need the most attention, and how to get the best results.

Your Store is Unique

We understand your retail space is different. You want to present your products and services in a particular way. We work with you to create a custom cleaning plan that ensures your store consistently looks the way you want it to.

Commercial Cleaning Benefits for Your Retail Store

  • A Welcoming Environment for Your Customers
    Outsourcing your cleaning to professionals ensures a consistent and pleasant shopping experience. First impressions can make or break your store’s reputation. When your store is known for its pristine appearance customers will return.
  • Off Hours Cleaning
    Few things are more annoying to customers than the sound of a vacuum. Okay, maybe tripping over a vacuum cord is more annoying. When you hire professional cleaning services, your customers never have to deal with cleaning interrupting their shopping experience.
  • Protect Your Merchandise
    Nobody wants to buy dusty merchandise. Sometimes products sit on the shelf or the rack longer than expected. We make sure everything looks clean and fresh.
  • Remove Germs
    Your retail space receives a lot of foot traffic. As much as you love your customers, many of them are bringing seasonal germs with them. A professional cleaning service helps keep bacteria and germs in check with the proper cleaning solutions.
  • Build Employee Morale
    Working in a sanitary, clean, and organized environment does wonders for your employee’s moods. When employees feel their employers care about them and the atmosphere reflects it, they put more care and attention into their tasks.

Retail Janitorial Services

Legacy Janitorial can service your dispensary weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Some of the things we do include:

  • Empty, disinfect, and reline all trash receptacles
  • Clean the kitchen/break room
  • Clean and disinfect bathrooms from top to bottom
  • Clean the entrance doors
  • Sweep, vacuum and mop all floors
  • Clean tables, chairs, and mats
  • Dust and or clean all desktops (without moving items placed on desks)
  • Dust all computer monitors and screens
  • Dust all window sills and door frames
  • “Green” cleaning products available

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Janitorial Services

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Your Denver Retail Store Janitorial Cleaning Services

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