Warehouse Office Janitorial Service

If you’re managing, or own an office that’s attached to a warehouse you know how easy it is for it to get dirty. If you’re located in the industrial park, you’re surrounded by other warehouses that don’t help your cause for cleanliness. If you’re cleaning your office or offices with your own staff, chances are corners are getting cut, and your staff isn’t fond of their cleaning duty. If they have a good attitude, they might not have the expertise or tools to get the best result consistently. Maybe you’ve tried hiring out cleaning services in the past but found they’re not dependable. We understand your frustration.

Affordable & Professional

What if you were able to keep your Denver warehouse office consistently clean without depending on your in-house employees, or sketchy fly by night cleaning vendors? What if it didn’t matter that your office was connected to a warehouse, and it could have the clean look of a downtown office? Imagine the impression you’d leave with clients who visit, and the morale booster it would create for everyone working in the office every day.

Meet Legacy Cleaners

Legacy Construction Cleaning & Janitorial Services has built a reputation in Denver for being the cleaning service that keeps its promise. Everybody says the same thing, but we actually do what we say. We know that being reliable, detailed, friendly, and affordable is the secret to running a successful janitorial business. We focus on unmatched customer service and attention to detail. You always have direct and easy contact with the company owner and will get an almost immediate response to any questions or concerns. Legacy is built on a customer first business model.

Warehouse Office Janitorial Services

Legacy Janitorial can service your bar, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Some of the things we do include:

  • Empty, disinfect, and reline all trash receptacles
  • Clean the kitchen/break room
  • Clean and disinfect bathrooms from top to bottom
  • Clean the entrance doors
  • Sweep, vacuum and mop all floors
  • Clean tables, chairs, and mats
  • Dust and or clean all desktops (without moving items placed on desks)
  • Dust all computer monitors and screens
  • Dust all window sills and door frames
  • “Green” cleaning products available

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Your Denver Warehouse Office Janitorial Service

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