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Do You Need Post Construction Cleanup in Denver?

Once the construction stops on a work site, the cleanup begins. Construction projects create a lot of debris, dust, and excess trash that needs to be dealt with at the end of a project. Whether it’s screws and scrap wood or sawdust and grime it needs to be removed. After the cleaning, your project site should look pristine and ready to show.

A Construction Cleaning Service You Can Trust

Whether you’re a homeowner that has just finished a remodel or a contractor that is just finishing a new build, you need to know your project site is going to be adequately cleaned. Hiring a professional construction cleaning crew ensures the proper and secure disposal of post-construction debris. A lot of what is left over after a construction job is hazardous or difficult to handle. It’s best dealt with by professionals that have the experience and right tools for the job.

Meet Legacy

Legacy Construction Cleaning & Janitorial Services has built a reputation in Denver for being the cleaning service that keeps its promise. Everybody says that same thing, but we actually do it. We’ve found that being reliable, detailed, friendly, and affordable is the secret to running a successful construction cleaning & janitorial service business. Not every company can live up to this standard for a variety of reasons, but we’ve found a way to do it.

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3 steps to an Immaculate Post Construction Site

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On Time, Every Time

Legacy always shows up for work on time. We have an extensive network of cleaning professionals to ensure our clients are never left waiting or without a scheduled cleaning.


We save you money in more ways than the upfront cost of our services. We add consistent value by ensuring your environment is pristine – the result is your clients or buyers are more likely to purchase your newly renovated property, or your family is happier and more productive in their new, clean remodel.

Friendly Professionals

Our crews always have a smile on their face. We’re polite, friendly, and always professional. You never have to worry about attitude or having unkept workers on your property.

Denver Post-Construction Cleanup Services

Final construction cleanup services include:


Ground-Up Construction


Tenant Finishes


Corporate Modifications


Remodels and Restorations


Phase Cleaning


Post-Construction Cleaning


Window Washing

More Than Just Construction Cleaning

Cost Effective

Hiring a dedicated cleaning service that specializes in construction cleanup is one way to help stay on budget for your project. It’s much more cost-effective to hire a professional team than paying the construction crew or an inexperienced cleaner to handle the job. A professional post-construction cleaning service gets the job done efficiently and has the right tools to carry it out safely. You also reduce your liability by outsourcing the handling of dangerous materials.

Immaculate Site

How attractive is a freshly renovated or built space that has errant splashes of paint or is littered with specks of debris? When you hire a professional cleaning crew, you get a finished sit that looks amazing. We go over it with a fine tooth comb and don’t leave anything behind. We’re trained to see the big and small picture, so your post-construction site looks its best.

A Professional Denver Post-Construction Cleanup Service




Thorough Employee Screening

Latest Cleaning Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we have to supply any cleaning products or tools?

A: No, for post-construction cleanup we come fully supplied to clean.

Q: What type of post-construction accounts do you clean?

A: Remodels and restorations, tenant finishes, corporate modifications, ground-up construction, etc.

Q: Do I have to be on site while you’re cleaning?

A: No, you do not need to be present. Post-construction cleanings are time-consuming and could take several days.

Q: Do you guarantee your work?

A: If you’re happy, we’re happy! We stand behind that. If you’re displeased with our service, we make it right on our dime.

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