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Are You Moving Out or Into a new Place?

The moving process involves a lot of work. Most of the work is packing and cleaning. How would you like to eliminate half of that work? When you move out of a place you’re renting you need to leave it crystal clean to get your full deposit back. Some rental companies will charge you for littlest things. When you’re moving into a new place sometimes the people before you and or the management company did a poor job of cleaning and having it clean and ready for you.

You have enough to deal with!

You have enough to deal with when it comes to moving. If you could just pack up your boxes and deal with the actual moving part and avoid the hours and hours of cleaning, would you like that? How about not having to scrub your new place before you settle in? Hiring a professional cleaning service can save you time, money, and headaches during your moving process.

Meet Legacy

Legacy Construction Cleaning & Janitorial Services has built a reputation in Denver for being a moving cleaning service that gets the job done right. Every company makes bold promises, but we actually back it up with action. We’ve found that being reliable, detailed, friendly, and affordable is the secret to running a successful moving cleaning service in Denver.

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On Time, Every Time

Legacy always shows up for work on time. We have an extensive network of cleaning professionals to ensure our clients are never left waiting or without a scheduled cleaning.


We save you money in more ways than the upfront cost of our services. We add consistent value by ensuring your environment is always pristine – the result is you are happy, motivated, and more productive.

Friendly Professionals

Our crews always have a smile on their face. We’re polite, friendly, and always professional. You never have to worry about attitude or having unkept workers on your property.

Denver Move In / Move Out Cleaning Service


High and Low Dusting in All Rooms


Spot-Clean Walls, Woodwork, Molding


Deep Carpet Cleaning, Rugs, Hall Runners


Sweeping and Mopping


Spot-Clean Fingerprints and Black Marks


Thorough Bathroom Cleaning


Deep Clean Kitchen

More Than Just Cleaners

Guaranteed Peace of Mind

Hiring a professional means that you know the job is going to get done right. If you’re a realtor and showing homes, we can upkeep the unoccupied home every few weeks before open houses and home showings. If you’re renting working with us guarantees you’ll get your full deposit back and not have to deal with hours of cleaning.


Working with a professional cleaning company means the areas that most people miss will get the cleaning attention they need. We can clean inside and outside of your appliances, cabinet, and crevices, which often go unnoticed when a non-professional cleans.

Focus on Your Move

The thing that takes most of your attention during a move is organizing your home and belongings and getting them ready to pack. The more time you can focus on organization and packing, the easier the transition to a new place will be. Having to spend time deep cleaning can be overwhelming, as most people don’t know how to begin. We have the experience and equipment to efficiently and thoroughly.

A Professional Denver Cleaning Service You Can Trust




Thorough Employee Screening

Latest Cleaning Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are move in and move out cleanings?

A: They are cleanings designed to prepare an apartment, house, office, or facility for new tenants. It’s thorough deep cleaning.

Q: How long does each cleaning take?

A: Typically, it takes about one hour per bedroom for a team of two. It is also dependent on how much cleaning each area needs. Areas that have not been cleaned in a long while will take more time.

Q: Do I have to be there when you arrive?

A: No, you can leave a key for us to get in and we’ll handle it. You can also leave once we’re inside if you’d like to let us in and not leave a key somewhere.

Q: What cleaning supplies do I need to supply for the cleaning crew?

A: None. We bring all of our own cleaning supplies and tools.

Q: Do you clean apartments?

A: No. Unfortunately we do not offer move in/move out cleaning for apartments. There are other local companies who do this very well and we’re happy to make a recommendation.

Q: What guarantees do you offer?

A: If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. Give us a call if there’s an issue and we will make arrangements to correct the problem immediately – the same day when possible.

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