Create a Better Workplace Through Commercial Cleaning

We often take for granted when we walk into work, our doctor’s office, the airport, or a stadium that the place is clean and safe. We find ourselves in a time where hygiene and cleanliness are more visible than ever. The Covid-19 pandemic has ushered in an era where sanitizing and disinfecting businesses and shared workplaces have become a necessity not just to impress visitors, but to safeguard the health of your employees and the wealth of your business. The appearance and aesthetics of your warehouse or office will always be important, but investing in commercial cleaning service for your office can provide lasting benefits for your team and your business as a whole.

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The Facts About Clean Workplaces

A new study from the Cleaning Coalition of America (CCA), an organization that supports and celebrates America’s cleaning professionals, shows that nearly half of survey participants – 43% – are still worried about returning to the office. While cleaning practices weren’t a major priority for employees pre-Covid, 66% of U.S. workers find it extremely important now. For 62% of employees, simply seeing sanitation professionals regularly at their workplace would make them feel safer. 

To feel safe returning to their offices, employees are stressing the importance of adequate cleaning and disinfecting practices in the workplace. The vast majority of respondents, 89.9%, believe workplace cleaning protocols are very or somewhat important. Survey respondents made it clear that their concerns aren’t just about Covid, but about general health and hygiene in the office.

Why Invest in Commercial Cleaning Services?

In an era where many feel unsure about their health, maintaining a clean and sanitary workspace is vital to ensure that your workforce continues to feel safe and perform at their best. Not only does a clean office space improve the physical health of employees, it also provides a mental boost to know that they are operating in a safe environment, free from pathogens and other potential diseases. 

Consider for a moment how much time a typical employee spends in an office or other work setting. It’s nearly equal to the amount of time spent at home, and your employees deserve the right to a clean workplace as well as a clean home. Your employees live and work at home, but they also live in your office. They deserve to be comfortable and safe.

An office with a dirty and unkempt bathroom, sticky floors, stained carpets, and dim overhead lighting is simply not an inspiring place to work, let alone receiving clients and remaining productive. When you make an investment in commercial cleaning for your office, you’re also investing in the health and wellness of your employees. There is clear value in creating a clean office environment. It leads to a more organized office, less stress, and higher levels of morale. Happier employees are typically more productive, but healthy employees are also more productive. Maintaining a clean office environment offers a variety of positive outcomes for your entire business.

  1. Increased Productivity
    Nothing makes an employee less productive than feeling under the weather. Some illnesses aren’t severe enough to keep you home, and other illnesses keep you home for days. The average employee takes 4.4 days off work each year due to illness. Not only does this reduce the number of hours that an individual is working, but it also puts extra pressure on other staff trying to work towards targets with an unpredicted absence on their team. There’s also the fact that illness spreads through offices quickly, meaning that you risk losing a large chunk of your workforce all at once, creating a risk to entire divisions or departments of your business.
  2. Improved Concentration
    You may have heard that a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind. While we cannot say if this is true or not, a cluttered workspace contains far more distractions than a tidy workspace. There are always a few people in the office who just cannot focus until a space is cleaned, and they will be unable to reach peak productivity until a level of tidiness is maintained. Your employees should not have to worry about messes while at work, that’s what commercial cleaning services are for.
  3. Reduced Stress
    When things are disorderly and out-of-place in a messy office, many employees find it difficult to function without higher stress levels. Being unable to navigate their way through files, not being able to find things they need, and knocking things over in an effort to reach what they need makes for more stress in the workplace. For some, the workplace functions as a refugee away from a noisy home filled with distractions like children or pets. Knowing that a clean, quiet space exists for them to be productive can be a major stress reducer.
  4. Improved Workplace Culture
    When business owners invest in commercial cleaning, it sends a message that they value their employees and want them to feel safe and comfortable while at work. Operating in a clean office makes people feel more professional and more prepared to tackle difficult assignments.
  5. Benefits to Recruiting and Hiring
    First impressions matter – both to clients and potential hires. When you bring someone in for an interview, you’re doing much more than vetting them and their skills. Your office and how it looks and feels play a role in a person’s decision to join an organization. Who would want to work in a dirty, cluttered office? What does that say about the culture of the business? Something as seemingly small as an unhygienic bathroom or kitchen area can lead to staff fearing Monday mornings. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do to avoid turnover, but maintaining a clean office is something that you do have control over.
  6. Keep Your Equipment in Better Shape
    Dust might seem trivial, but it can be damaging to sensitive equipment. When your office is unclean, your equipment will break down sooner, creating stress and undue difficulty for your employees. Having a clean workspace can also lead to attitudes changing within employees if their working area is clean and tidy, they are more likely to treat their tools and equipment with respect, therefore reducing any risks of them becoming damaged.

If you aren’t currently investing in commercial cleaning services, we recommend you give it a try. Many of our clients, once they have seen the benefits that come from a professional office cleaning service, wonder how they ever operated with us. While many business owners and employees don’t spend the day thinking about how clean and tidy their office is, they will instantly notice when it becomes untidy, opening the door for distraction and loss of productivity.

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