Hire Commercial Cleaning Services To Clean Most Forgotten Spaces

Keeping an office clean and tidy is a full-time job. It involves much more than wiping down desktop surfaces, taking out the trash, and cleaning high-traffic areas. Relegating your office and commercial cleaning to employees is okay – they will likely do a good job cleaning the most visibly dirty areas, but beyond those spaces, it can be difficult or impossible to maintain a professional level of cleanliness. 

Your breakroom might appear clean – no dirty dishes or crumbs in sight. But do you know the last time all the tables were sanitized or when the community coffee pot was cleaned? It’s the little things and hidden spaces that can cause sanitation issues. You’ll have to assign these tasks, or just hope that a very conscientious worker may volunteer. However, your best bet would be to hire out a commercial cleaning or professional janitorial service to take care of these hard-to-reach areas.

Let’s say you need to show an important client around the office – you don’t just want everything to be clean, you want it to be sparkling clean. You can only get a sparkling level of cleaning with professional help because professionals know exactly where and when to clean to maintain sanitation and cleanliness.

Whether you want to hire our commercial cleaning services or not, here are some under-the-radar places within your office that you should be cleaning.

1) Behind large equipment: We’re talking about printers, copiers, and even refrigerators and freezers. Large electronic appliances tend to attract dust and because they throw off excess heat – they can also attract unwanted critters such as bugs and even mice. Surely you don’t want your staff to move these large pieces of equipment and clean behind and underneath – which is why you should hire a professional. This is especially true when printers or copiers are involved. These sensitive machines can be damaged easily if not handled and cleaned properly. Also, they function better with regular upkeep and cleaning!

2) Light Fixtures: Light fixtures, especially fluorescent ones, can attract a lot of bugs and dust. Not only unsightly, but it also diminishes the function of the light. Unfortunately, most fixtures are either in hard-to-reach places or may require special equipment or tools to access. Cleaning light fixtures is not something you want to ask of your employees, and it’s also not a fun task. It’s easy to injure yourself or damage the fixture in the process. However, you surely don’t want a client or prospective employee to gaze up and see a graveyard of bugs in your lighting. That’s not a good first impression.

3) Air vents and ducts: Perhaps one of the more important places to keep clean, air vents and ducts attract a host of dust, dirt, and germs. A thorough professional cleaning can remove allergens and chemicals, improving the smell and sanitation of your entire office. Some solutions can even prevent the future buildup of allergens and germs, which will keep your employees more healthy and happy. Last – a cleaner duct system will be better for your HVAC system, potentially lowering your energy bill and expanding the lifetime of your furnace or HVAC. Compared to the cost of a new HVAC, regular cleanings remain much more cost-effective.

4) Office Chairs and furniture: Most people are unsure how to clean office chairs, so some can go for years without even a quick cleaning. Furthermore, if you have a high turnover rate, you’re probably filling new seats often – and there’s nothing worse than being placed at a desk with a grimy chair to sit in. On a daily basis, furniture and chairs are trapping germs, mildew, and dust in their upholstery. Even leather chairs and furniture can become worn and oily. Office furniture and chairs could use a good steam cleaning every spring. Because some office furniture can be so pricy, it’s worth it to hire a team to deep clean once a year. This will make your chairs and accessories last longer, and it won’t gross out your guests or employees.

5) Real or fake greenery: Whether real or artificial, a lot of dust can build up on plants. A simple dusting can improve the look of your greenery, but it can be tedious. Removing dead leaves and repotting may also be necessary depending on the plant.

6) Ceiling tiles: You may never stare up at the ceiling, but someone waiting in your lobby or office may pass idle time by examining their surroundings. When they inevitably look up, what do you think they’ll see? Acoustic tiles will need to be kept free of dust, and tiles near air vents are much more prone to a buildup of dust as well. Cleaning your ceilings is not a job for your staff, and professionals can perform the work during times when your office is empty, making the task seamless and painless.

7) Germ hotspots: What is a germ hotspot? Think of keyboards, light switches, doorknobs, telephones, refrigerator doors, desks, and any other high-traffic area. These innocuous places can become infested with germs no matter how diligent your staff may be about wiping down surfaces. In the post-pandemic world, we know all too well how important it is to keep these areas sanitized and germ-free. If you’re not careful, half of your workforce might be calling in sick.

Offices both large and small must be kept clean to ensure the health and safety of your employees – but also to impress your potential clients. The level of cleanliness in your building reflects directly back on your business, and it’s easy to tell a professionally-cleaned office from one where employees double as janitors. 

Please contact us today if your Denver business needs commercial cleaning services or professional janitorial staff!