How Our Professional Cleaning Improves Your Facility’s Efficiency

Maintaining a clean place of business is essential for many reasons beyond the health and safety of your employees and your customers. If you manage or own a retail space or a warehouse and you don’t currently have a commercial cleaning service, you may want to rethink some things. 

For those in Denver that don’t currently use a professional janitorial service to maintain your retail space, who is performing the cleaning? Is it your employees? If so, are they performing thorough, quality work? If you own or manage a warehouse in Denver – who is performing your cleaning? 


Regular, scheduled cleanings can vastly improve facilities – not only improving health but boosting your sales! This is true for retail space and warehouses of all kinds. We know because we’ve seen the many ways that commercial cleaning and janitorial services can improve many aspects of your operation. 

Benefits of Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services For Retail Spaces

If you own a business in Denver, you know that first impressions are important. When a customer walks into your business, they should not be distracted by the sight of dirt and dust. Most likely, you are doing a good job cleaning – to a point where customers are not complaining or noticing that anything is unclean. However, few business owners or their staff have the time to perform a quality cleaning. We’re talking about mopping, dusting, decluttering, and attacking every nook and cranny. 

Beyond improving the health and well-being of your staff and customers, a cleaner environment will reduce the number of sick days taken, translating to a healthier business and healthier employees. If you choose to have your Denver retail space cleaned professionally, you can also expect your clients to receive a better in-store shopping experience. A professionally-cleaning retail space is far more inviting than a dingy and musty-smelling shop. When customers feel more comfortable, they are far more likely to stay longer, increasing the chances that a sale will be made.

We understand that you likely do not want to pay someone to clean your space, but trust us, in the long run, it will pay for itself. If you’re currently using your employees to clean, then you’re asking them to perform very low-dollar-producing work. When they’re not bothered with cleaning, they can help customers, run inventory, order more products, and help to make your business more successful.

A commercial cleaning company will offer a far superior cleaning service compared to performing the work in-house (eating away at your employee’s time). Not only will they clean common areas, but hard-to-reach places will be cleaned, including vents, windows, ceilings, walls, floors, computers, and more. 

A professional cleaning service for your retail space is a worthwhile investment. You’ll save your employees time (saving you money), your store will be cleaner, and your employees will be more productive. That all sounds like a recipe for success!

How Can Professional Warehouse Cleaning Prove Profitable?

Similar to cleaning a retail space, cleaning a warehouse offers many benefits. These include improving the health and safety of your employees. Warehouses are far different than retail spaces – they are very large and full of heavy-duty equipment with lots of hard-to-reach areas. Most warehouses, depending on what is being stored, are rarely cleaned at a thorough level. 

Cleaning your warehouse regularly is especially important when storing foods or medicines. In this case, it’s highly recommended to conduct professional cleaning in order to keep your products safe and remain in compliance with the FDA. Additionally, food-grade warehouses must have a sanitation schedule that includes comprehensive cleaning and housekeeping. While Legacy can assist with cleaning, we can also help to train your staff to raise your standards of cleanliness. 

Warehouse floor cleaning can be a big obstacle if left off the table for too long. Products leak, dust accumulates, and debris finds its way into hard-to-reach areas. Most importantly, clean floors are less likely to be slippery and dangerous. A warehouse with forklifts running over and avoiding debris is a warehouse begging for a major accident. Dust on the floor eventually finds its way into products, and this is why regular floor maintenance is important. Our experienced floor cleaners know how to clean many different surface types, including carpet, rubber, stone, concrete, tile, and more. 

Not only does regular professional cleaning improve safety, but it also reduces maintenance costs and improves productivity. Investing in cleaning services is far cheaper than paying for maintenance on forklifts and other machines that could potentially be damaged by dust and debris. When your machines need to be repaired, your warehouse becomes less efficient. By maintaining a clean warehouse, you reduce wear and tear on your machines, but you also provide a space where your employees can better perform their duties. 

Lastly, we realize that no two warehouses are alike and that your needs will differ from other facilities. We strive to customize our warehouse cleaning services to meet your needs. Depending on your facility type and the nature of your storage operation, we will devise a cleaning program just for you. Whether you’re a storage facility, manufacturing plant, distribution center, or food-grade warehouse, we can help keep your building clean, safe, and operating smoothly. We offer power washing, degreasing, floor cleaning, window and ceiling cleaning, HVAC and ventilation cleaning, and more. These services can be scheduled to be performed during downtime, preventing any interruption to your operations.

If you’re searching for a like-minded partner to help your business succeed, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quote today. Our commercial cleaning services and professional janitorial services have helped many other businesses in Denver!