How To Find Good Janitorial Service For Private Schools in Denver

Private schools in Denver are busy places with many students and extracurricular activities. With so much going on, it can be difficult to maintain the level of cleanliness and sanitation that your school and your students deserve. Beyond the health and safety of students and faculty, the impression you give off to visitors is also important. For an elite institution, your professional janitor must also be elite. 

If you have tried hiring, training, and managing an in-house custodian at your Denver private school, you know how difficult it can be. It’s not that there are no good professional janitors (we have plenty) – it’s the fact that you must manage them and their performance, provide them with benefits, and eventually find a replacement when they move on or switch jobs. Then you’re back to square one, part of a cycle that can eat up too much of your time as a private school administrator. 

How many hours have you spent hiring a janitor instead of focusing on the needs of your institution? While retaining a talented professional janitor can be difficult, we offer a very good solution with our professional janitorial services. When you work with Legacy Construction Cleaning, we always provide talented janitors that are trained, licensed, and insured by us – not you. When you hire a third-party janitorial staff, you’re no longer responsible for the management of cleaning staff. We work closely with our teams to provide your Denver private school with a clean, sanitary, and welcoming environment. 

However, before hiring a third-party janitorial service for your private school, there are certain things you should look for in a commercial cleaning business. As one of the best school cleaning services in Denver, we know what it takes to serve our clients at the highest level.

Professional Janitorial Services

What To Look For In A Janitorial Service For A Private School

1. Good communication: When you seek out bids for janitorial services in Denver, a bid should be easy to understand with services listed out clearly. Trust and transparency are important, and we work closely with clients to ensure that the proper work is being done at an agreed-upon rate – no more and no less. If you do not understand the bid, then chances are that the company didn’t fully understand your needs. We always prefer clear communication with our clients. Once you get your bid, it should be very clear to you what the professional school cleaning service will be doing and what the cost will be. Setting clear expectations is important from the very beginning. 

2. Trustworthy professionals: When we hire our commercial cleaning employees, they are well-trained, supported, and trustworthy. We have high standards in our hiring practices, including background checks, thorough training, and continued employee support. Whoever you hire, make sure that they run background checks, as you cannot be too careful when it comes to protecting your students and staff. You should be able to trust in the work performed by your janitorial staff, and this is also why we have a satisfaction guarantee

3. Licensed and insured: We make certain our employees are licensed and insured, and provide them with benefits. If they are injured on the job, we provide them with leave pay and also find a replacement to ensure that service is not interrupted. It is our job to manage our professional janitors, not yours. Before you hire a janitorial service, make sure they can provide proof of liability insurance, required state and city licenses, and worker’s compensation policies. We have these documents readily available for our prospective clients at all times. 

4. Trained in safety: From chemical spills to bodily fluids, to advanced equipment or strenuous work – it’s important that the janitorial service you choose follows all safety guidelines and laws. When not used and applied properly, cleaning chemicals can be dangerous. An untrained janitor that accidentally mixes the wrong chemicals could cause injury to themselves and your staff. However, all of our professional janitorial staff receive the proper safety training to keep your students and staff out of harm’s way and safe from germs and pathogens.

5. Site-specific training: We know that our janitorial services come with well-trained professionals, but we also know that every Denver private school cleaning service will differ from one facility to the next. By taking the time to understand each private school’s unique needs and preferences, we can provide a higher level of service. Working around specific schedules, or cleaning in preparation for school events is no problem. We are always happy to take direction from clients so that we can more easily address their needs. 

6. Reputation in Denver: This is straightforward, but be sure to do a little research on the company you’re hiring. Check their reviews and their status with organizations like the Better Business Bureau. This should provide you with a better idea of who you’ll be working with. At Legacy, our reputation is everything and our work reflects that. We have been able to offer our commercial cleaning services in Denver for more than 25 years because we have built trust with our clients. 

If you’re in need of daily, weekly, or monthly janitorial services for your private school in Denver, please reach out to us. We specialize in daycare cleaning, K-12 school cleaning, and private high school and university cleaning. Our commercial cleaning services can be customized according to your needs and your budget.

Legacy Construction Cleaning & Janitorial Services has built a reputation as one of the most trusted janitorial companies in the Denver Metro area because we listen to our clients and provide the services they need. Please contact us today to learn more about our school cleaning services.