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Is Your Business or Building as Clean as it Should be?

Sometimes the dust gets away from you and before you know it what should have been some light dusting turns into a multi-hour deep clean headache. It’s easy to put cleaning on the back burner when you’re busy.

Maybe you’ve tried to keep things clean with your own staff. The problem is either they don’t know how to clean properly, or just aren’t motivated to do a good job. And if you’ve tried hiring cleaning services in the past but found they’re not dependable – you’re not alone.

A Cleaning Service that Keeps its Promise

What if you could have a clean business or building without having to depend on staff, or flaky overpriced cleaning services? Imagine earning a reputation for having a pristine facility. What if your employee productivity and morale increased because they worked in a clean and organized environment? What if you could have a clean environment consistently and for an affordable price? Would you have any objections to that?

Meet Legacy

Legacy Construction Cleaning & Janitorial Services has built a reputation in Denver for being the cleaning service that keeps its promise. Everybody says that same thing, but we actually do it. We’ve found that being reliable, detailed, friendly, and affordable is the secret to running a successful construction cleaning & janitorial service business. Not every company can live up to this standard for a variety of reasons, but we’ve found a way to do it.

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Never worry about having a clean environment again.

On Time, Every Time

Legacy always shows up for work on time. We have an extensive network of cleaning professionals to ensure our clients are never left waiting or without a scheduled cleaning.


We save you money in more ways than the upfront cost of our services. We add consistent value by ensuring your environment is always pristine – the result is your customers are happy and trust you more, and your employees are motivated and more productive.

Friendly Professionals

Our crews always have a smile on their face. We’re polite, friendly, and always professional. You never have to worry about attitude or having unkept workers on your property.

Daily Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly

We have experience cleaning retail spaces, offices, churches, historical buildings, bars, MJ dispensaries, as well as Coronavirus sanitation and much more.

Trash Recepticles


Kitchens / Breakrooms






Floor Cleaning




Tables, Chairs, Desks



More Than Just Janitorial

Floor Maintenance

Maintaining your floor surfaces keep your facility looking great and prolongs the life of your floor.

  • VCT – Routine VCT Floor Cleaning
  • VCT Floor Stripping
  • VCT Floor Sealing

Construction Cleaning

Final Construction Cleanup

  • Ground Up Construction
  • Tenant Finishes
  • Corporate Modifications
  • Remodels & Restrooms
  • Phase Cleaning
  • Window Washing

A Professional Denver Cleaning Service You Can Trust




Thorough Employee Screening

Latest Cleaning Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is hiring a cleaning service more cost effective than doing it in-house?

A: Professional cleaners specialize in cleaning. You’re going to get more thorough and consistent clean. Bacteria and germs that spread easily can be better controlled with professional sanitation. Your employees will be more productive and have better moral not having to clean toilets after a long shift.

Q: How can I trust a janitorial service to be in my building when I’m not there?

A: We understand this concern. The reality is our reputation is everything. We couldn’t be a successful business otherwise. You have the option to only have us in your building when you or somebody else is present. We’re also insured so in the case that something does happen we pay for it and make it right.

Q: How does hiring a janitorial service give me more time?

A: If you choose to hire out contracted individuals you have to handle the background checks, the logistics of hiring, payroll, workman’s compensation claims, and all the other headaches that come with hiring someone. A professional janitorial service takes that burden off your shoulders and frees you to focus on what you do best.

Q: Is hiring professional cleaning services cost effective?

A: Having a consistently clean business or building pays off. People talk about their experiences. Your reputation matters. Cleanliness also builds trust. It’s a sign of responsibility and dependability. From a business standpoint you can’t afford not to have a consistently clean environment.

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