Private Schools: How To Maintain A Clean Reputation

Private schools are an amazing opportunity for students to receive a quality education. They have a reputation for being the best in Denver, including instruction, clubs and organizations, grades, and of course, school sanitation. When people think of Denver private schools, they think of a clean, well-maintained property where happy students learn and grow in modern, well-kept facilities.

Cleaning solutions for private schools aren’t easy. With constant occupation from staff and students and a lot of ground to cover, janitorial service or commercial cleaning service is important. Is your private school sanitation up to par with the private schools’ reputation for cleanliness?

commercial cleaning service

Germs and bacteria are everywhere in a school – classrooms, cafeteria, toiletries, library, playground, and other areas; thus, constantly cleaning is required. More than that, the school environment can be said to affect student performance and morale either positively or negatively; so for a parent, why would you take the risk of bringing your child to a school without proper commercial cleaning services?

In a school environment, germs that cause sickness can be easily passed on either from student to student or teacher to student and vice versa. The more people get sick, the less productivity it is for the school; the lesser the productivity, the lesser the interest it is for the teacher to teach and the students to learn. Even more important – the students in a school can easily carry germs and bacteria home to their loved ones.

We’ve learned lessons in the last few years about the importance of keeping schools sanitary, but with such a large task at hand, how should administrators approach this task? Allow us to provide some options.

But First, Let’s Consider The Greatest Benefits Of Keeping Your Private School Squeaky Clean:

  • Less worry for the parents: It gives parents an assurance that their children will be free from dirt and pollution that makes children sick. Having fewer chances of getting sick, children can improve their school performance as sickness is one of the main factors of students’ absenteeism.
  • Lesser distraction for students and teachers: Having a messy room surely makes a teacher get distracted while teaching.
  • More time for learning: No more time will be wasted in searching for a school material (such as crayons, books, etc.) in a cluttered area.
  • Installing good habits for children: If children will grow up in a clean school environment, chances are, they will carry this clean state everywhere they go, whether at home or elsewhere.

While most schools have – at bare minimum – a janitor or maintenance technician on hand – that’s not enough to manage cleanliness. Janitors and maintenance techs have much more important tasks to focus on, like the upkeep of electricity, HVAC systems and more. Even shampooing the floors is not enough to guarantee cleanliness. Using students to clean is more of a patch than anything, and students really should be focused on learning, not cleaning.

Our solution for maintaining a clean private school in Denver is also the easiest: outsource it to a commercial cleaning service. A professional cleaning company or janitorial service makes a worthwhile investment for your institution, and there are many reasons why we believe this to be the best option.

  1. A school might have their in-house janitorial staff but usually, these individuals are just trained for cleaning.  Anything more than cleaning, like what products to use, what things needed full attention to, and other things might be neglected. With this, outsourcing school cleaning services is beneficial for any school.
  2. Commercial cleaning services use quality products that are not harmful and apply to the client’s unique facility needs. Your maintenance staff will appreciate this, and your critical infrastructure will last longer.
  3. With a professional janitorial service, the work can be completed at night or when the private school is not fully occupied. The flexibility that comes with using professional cleaners will eliminate distractions and allow the janitorial service to perform a more thorough cleaning of the school.
  4. Aside from regular cleaning schedules, deep cleaning can be easily scheduled and administered every school vacation. Commercial cleaning services can also be used before important events like fundraisers, open houses or graduation ceremonies. These are times when you really need your facilities to shine.
  5. Teachers and other school staff can focus on their job more. Additional tasks such as procurement of cleaning materials and doing payroll of cleaners will be handled by the cleaning services.
  6. Consider it from a recruiting and marketing standpoint. A cleaner private school will be viewed as more respectable, disciplined, and professional. When your school administrators give tours, or when visitors arrive for events, you want your facilities to impress.

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t rely on teachers, students or maintenance to perform the necessary cleaning. They have other priorities and worries, so you need to leave the cleaning and sanitation to the professionals. Whether you look at it from a health and safety standpoint or a recruiting standpoint, there are endless benefits to hiring a commercial cleaning service for private schools. It’s an investment that pays off in the long run – fewer sick days and more productivity are priceless.

Having a clean private school may sound like an impossible task, but it’s possible. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of how to succeed. You just need to take action and be on the lookout for highly qualified professionals to take on the job. Get your classrooms and other areas in your school cleaned today.

Please contact us – we provide a variety of janitorial and commercial cleaning services and we make curated plans that fit the needs of your facility.