6 Red Flags To Avoid When Searching For A Janitorial Service

We are happy to tell you that there are many great commercial cleaning and janitorial services in the Denver area – including our own. However, there are a few exceptions – companies that may not be licensed or cut corners to finish a job on time, not as promised. While there are many janitorial services in Denver, all with their own special offerings, there are a few distinct ways that you can discern the best from the rest.

As a business owner or a property manager, it’s important that your professional janitorial staff work efficiently and with dedication to the job. The cleanliness of your facility is a direct reflection of yourself and the way that you conduct business. Beyond health and safety concerns, a clean facility has been proven to run more effectively and even improve sales and team morale.

If you have already been through the process of hiring, training, and managing in-house janitorial staff, you know well the headaches that come along when someone resigns or you must terminate them. It’s a dreadful process, but one that can be fixed by hiring a qualified third-party janitorial service. Instead of working through multiple janitorial services, take our advice below so that you can make one home-run hire and avoid re-hiring or re-training janitorial staff again.

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  • Unclear pricing:

Any good professional janitorial service will offer you a free quote that clearly outlines the work to be performed and how much it will cost. Does the company charge a flat rate or charge by the hour, or by the type of service performed? Every service they offer should be priced out, from marble floor cleaning to sanitizing to post-construction cleaning, the pricing should be abundantly clear and easy to understand. If the company cannot answer questions about pricing, or if they change their pricing throughout your search process, that should be a red flag that the company is not reputable.

  • No quality assurance plan:

Here at Legacy Construction Cleaning, we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If the work we perform does not meet the standards of our customers, we will perform the work again or consult with our customers in order to find out what we can do to perform better. Our reputation as the best commercial cleaning company in Denver does not come from doing poor-quality work, it stems from a deep dedication to doing what is right on behalf of our customers. Our customers know that they can contact us at any time if our work is below their standard of excellence. If a professional janitorial service does not offer a satisfaction guarantee, then you can assume they have little accountability and are not seeking to satisfy customers.

  • No proof of liability insurance or licensing:

Asking a professional janitorial service for proof of liability insurance and proper licensing is the easiest way to determine whether you should work with them or not. Unlicensed and uninsured commercial cleaning companies are just an accident waiting to happen. If someone is injured on the job, your business will be on the hook, even though you don’t manage, train, or otherwise have any control over the janitorial staff. Any good janitorial service will be bonded and be able to provide proof of licensing and insurance. Rather than paying cash, licensed and bonded cleaning services will often treat their staff better by training them, providing benefits, and insuring them in case of an accident. A janitorial service that can quickly provide proof of insurance and license is definitely a good sign.

  • You should always sign a contract:

A company that wants to go forward with cleaning without engaging in a contract means that they can change terms at any moment, leading to frustration and poor cleaning. A trustworthy company will always form a contract so that their clients can feel more comfortable moving forward, knowing that the agreed-upon janitorial services will be performed. If you want to avoid unscrupulous janitorial services and headaches in the future, always work with a commercial cleaning company that provides a detailed contract.

  • Don’t choose the cheapest company:

While it can be tempting to save a buck, the cheapest cleaning companies in Denver don’t offer the same level of satisfaction. If a company is charging significantly less than others, it may be cutting corners in important areas, like training programs, cleaning supplies, or using unqualified workers. It can also mean that they neglected needed business basics such as obtaining proper insurance. As we said above, finding a janitorial service that’s licensed and insured is crucial if you want to avoid headaches later on in the process.

  • Pick a janitorial service with good references:

Who has the company performed work for? Do they display this on their site? This can give you a great idea of how a cleaning service operates, how large they are, and what kind of specialty services they offer. Do they perform work for large or small businesses? Are they only performing janitorial services for certain kinds of places like churches or schools? Checking their reviews on Google and Yelp will help too. Do people generally leave positive reviews, and if so, what do they seem to like about the company? Is it the service, the attention to detail, or the pricing? Checking references and reviews is a very easy way to test the clout of a janitorial service in Denver.

With so many commercial cleaning and professional janitorial services in Denver, it can feel overwhelming when trying to choose the right one. However, by avoiding these six red flags, you should be able to steer away from some of the more unscrupulous cleaning services in Denver.

For more than 25 years, Legacy Construction Cleaning has built a strong reputation in Denver. We seek to please our customers to a degree that they will provide a referral for us. Our Legacy is everything, and without it, we would not be offering the best commercial cleaning services in Denver. We specialize in post-construction cleaning, church cleaning services, office cleaning services, school cleaning services, commercial deep cleaning, and more.

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