Six Tips for Deep Cleaning Schools During Summer Break

While students may be on break, summertime for janitorial cleaning staff at schools can be the busiest time of year. With students out of the way, this is the time to plan and complete major cleaning and sanitation projects.

Despite your best efforts throughout the school year, germs and dirt simply add up. Gyms, cafeterias, and classrooms filled with tables, desks, and equipment, plus the floors and doors leading to all of the rooms, are frequently touched by many students throughout the year. No matter the size of your school, it’s a tall task for janitors or custodians to keep up with.

Schools use Summer as a time to deep clean their schools because there is a lot less traffic and obstacles. This gives janitors room to make repairs and clean without worrying about disrupting the classroom. However, even with Summer break, schools are still used for camps, classes, and other gatherings. This means you must plan your Summer deep cleaning carefully!

You’ve decided to commit to a thorough summer cleaning, but how can you be sure you’re cleaning all the right places? What are the most important areas to clean? And how can you ensure they’re thoroughly cleaned? How far in advance do you have to plan for a school cleaning service? What’s it going to cost? You need a school cleaning guide for the summer.

How can you take advantage of the summer to clean your school? Continue reading to learn some tips for deep cleaning schools.

  1. Make a plan: Many janitors are often unsure where they should start when it comes to cleaning. It’s important to go in with a clear plan of what you intend to do. Make a list of everything that needs to be cleaned so you can make sure that you have the proper cleaning equipment needed. If you need to hire a professional cleaning service, make sure to budget accordingly and schedule the service for when your building will be mostly empty. If you aren’t sure how to plan the cleaning of your school, please reach out to us. We have plenty of experience and our professional janitorial services can help to keep you on your cleaning schedule.
  2. Consider high-traffic areas that need care: Floors are high-traffic areas in the most literal sense. Students, teachers, staff, and visitors are constantly walking up and down your hallways and in and out of your classrooms. Cleaning floors is very time-consuming, so you want to get that started as soon as possible in order to clean all of the areas or flooring before the staff and teachers return to set up all the classrooms to prepare for the upcoming school year. After flooring, you should move on to other areas such as restrooms, cafeterias, and auditoriums.
  3. Hire Professionals to Clean Critical Equipment: Don’t forget to clean critical systems within your facilities such as your HVAC, furnace, or other sensitive equipment such as a server room or even a computer lab. These areas most likely require some professional assistance from a licensed commercial cleaning company. While floors and bathrooms are used daily, so is all of your mission-critical hardware. After a whole year of use, you will likely need to clean your air ducts and examine your technology for a dust-up or a deeper clean. Keeping these areas clean will boost their longevity and improve performance – saving you money in the long run.
  4. Clean and Repair Your Cleaning Equipment: Before you start the cleaning process, you need to make sure that all your equipment is in good condition. Malfunctioning equipment will delay your progress and can cause your summer work to carry over into the school year. When you hire a commercial cleaning company or a professional janitorial service, they will bring their own equipment and you won’t need to worry about whether it functions or not. This is one benefit of outsourcing your Summer cleaning to a commercial cleaning service.
  5. Don’t forget to dust and disinfect: With extra time during the Summer break, you may want to consider disinfecting after cleaning. This will help to keep surfaces cleaner on a deeper level, reducing the risk of the future spreading of germs during the school year. Dusting electronics is also important, as they attract dust and if not cleaned during the school year, they will be in need of some care during the summer. Dust – while seemingly harmless, can destroy sensitive technology if left to accumulate for too long.
  6. Evaluate Your Cleaning Procedures: The Summer is a great time to examine your cleaning practices and see if your janitorial staff are keeping up with the amount of dirt and grime being generated. It’s important to consider what strategies are paying off and which ones are not. Keeping a school clean is a massive job and it’s okay to enlist help when you need it. Our commercial cleaning and janitorial services can be used as a supplement to your regular cleaning, and we can also offer help when you need a deeper cleaning in the summer.

While students and teachers enjoy their summer breaks, our team is hard at work ensuring that the school is sparkling clean and ready to welcome students back in the fall. With a large team of trained professionals, there is always someone available to perform a proper cleaning for your facility – no matter what time of year. That means you and your administrative staff can also enjoy the Summer break while the school is being deep cleaned and sanitized.

Please contact us today if you’d like to learn more about how our professional janitorial services can benefit your school in Denver.