Spring Cleaning: Tips for Commercial Space Cleaning This Season

For facility managers, spring is likely just another season – but you can make it into something special. While you may not have an official “spring cleaning” in your building, the season is a great time to enhance the appearance of your facility, prepare for the hot months ahead, and get proactive with your maintenance.

While spring may not be your facility’s downtime, it’s important to clean up after a winter’s worth of dirt, grime, and salt and prepare for a busy spring and summer season. Not only will seasonal cleaning reduce wear and tear, but it can also improve your operational efficiency and make future cleaning less troublesome.

Whether you are spring cleaning a large warehouse, a school, a religious facility, or a residential home – we have learned a few tips and tricks throughout our 20+ years as Denver’s best commercial cleaning company.

  1. Sanitize: The first thing you want to do when spring cleaning your commercial property is to sanitize anything and everything you possibly can, this includes common areas like lobbies and bathrooms. Not only is sanitizing a great way to get rid of germs, like the cold and flu viruses, but it can also help kill the Covid-19 virus as well as help reduce allergens. Our fogging cleaning service will eliminate any lingering germs in all the nooks and crannies of your facility.
  2. Let There Be Light: Cleaning your windows will brighten up your facility. Not only will natural light help to improve safety, but it might also brighten your day a bit. Most commercial cleaners are booked for exterior window cleanings between April and June, so be sure to contact a commercial cleaning company ahead of time to schedule your window cleaning.
  3. Deep Clean Carpets and Flooring: Ideally, your carpets and floors should be deep cleaned on an annual basis. Due to the toll winter takes on your building’s floors (because of all of the mud, dirt, sand, and salt that visitors may have tracked all over your flooring), spring is an ideal time to get your floors, whether they are wood, tile, concrete, or carpet, deep cleaned by a commercial cleaning company. A good shampooing of your carpets can also reduce pollen and other allergens.
  4. Prep Your HVAC for Summer Heat: By cleaning your vents and HVAC unit, your facility’s air quality will improve and so will the efficiency of your unit. With our specialized equipment and our staff’s training, we can clean your HVAC systems with no worry about damaging them and their sensitive components. A better functioning unit will also reduce costs and help to keep your site cooler and more comfortable for your employees.
  5. Check Your Curb Appeal: While you may not think about it often, spring is a great time to spruce up the outside of your facility. You don’t need to hire a landscaper to plant a forest or a garden – a simple power wash outside of high-traffic outdoor areas can brighten up your facility. Areas near entrances, courtyards, garages, sides of buildings, parking lots, and sidewalks can all benefit from an annual washing. You might be amazed at how much dirt and grime can build up on your building’s exterior before you notice it.
  6. Plan for Trash Removal: During the process of spring cleaning, you will likely produce a lot of waste. Some of that waste may not be easy to dispose of. Our employees know how to safely dispose of many different kinds of waste. Our background in post-construction cleaning means we have the equipment and know-how to get rid of the waste that your facility may generate during a spring cleaning.
  7. Establish a Regular Cleaning Schedule: During a thorough spring cleaning of your facility, it would be smart to take note of which areas were most in need of cleaning and then make a plan to clean them on a more consistent basis. After you complete your spring cleaning you’ll have a better idea of which areas need the most attention, and how you might shift your focus to maintain a cleaner building throughout the year. Our team at Legacy Construction Cleaning has worked on many different sites and facilities and can help you formulate a winning strategy for keeping your commercial space sparkling clean through spring and beyond.

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