What Should A Property Manager Look For In A Commercial Cleaner?

Property managers have a lot on their plate. They must keep tenants happy and that requires more than worrying about the facility’s infrastructure. Items like cleanliness must be addressed quickly and consistently with the help of commercial cleaners. 

While some property managers will hire in-house cleaners to perform the job, that has many downsides. As we said above, property managers have little time to hire, train, and manage a crew of cleaners. More importantly, an internal team must be insured and provided with benefits – the costs and workload of managing an internal cleaning team can add up quickly. 

We may be biased, but partnering with an office cleaning service in Denver provides many benefits. First – a property manager’s time will be freed up, and in the long term, it’s more cost-efficient to hire a professional cleaning service. Whether you need an office cleaning service, commercial cleaners, a church cleaning service, or a school cleaning service, we have you covered at Legacy Construction Cleaning. 

Commercial Cleaner

However, there are a lot of commercial cleaning companies to choose from in the Denver area. What should property managers look for in a professional cleaning service? We believe that there are a few specific services that can benefit any property manager In the Denver area.


Read below to see what you should be looking for in a commercial cleaning partner:


Nightly Janitorial Services: Traditional office hours don’t make it convenient for commercial cleaners to come in and perform their job properly. The best (and safest) way to clean a facility is when it is empty – and that’s most often at night. Hiring a professional janitorial service allows work to be performed during non-peak hours so that cleaners have the space to perform an excellent commercial deep cleaning. Then, when you, your tenants, or other guests arrive in the morning, everything is sparkling clean. Walking into a spotless office in the morning is a great way to begin the day, as well as impress your clients and your tenants. At Legacy we have the flexibility and capability to bring our teams into your facilities during the evening, allowing for less hassle and more cleanliness at your property. 

Floor Care: The floor is a very high-traffic area and also a space that your guests will notice quickly if it’s dirty or grimy. Floor maintenance is also one of the most important but overlooked aspects of property maintenance. A well-maintained floor will last a long time, but it takes investment to keep your flooring in good condition. Floor cleaning is also a task that likely needs to be performed at night or during weekends or holidays when the building is not in use. Floors take a lot of abuse, and seasonal changes bring different challenges for commercial cleaners. Also, the many types of flooring (wood, laminate, upholstery) all require different cleaning products, tools, and procedures. Better yet – you likely have multiple flooring surfaces within your building. Instead of investing in expensive floor-cleaning equipment, allow our team to provide professional office floor cleaning for your property. You will extend the lifetime of your floors, and your tenants will be happy to see that you’re taking proper care of the facility from the bottom up.

Licensed And Insured: As we said above, a major benefit to hiring a commercial cleaning or professional janitorial service is that you’re no longer liable if an accident occurs. At Legacy, we hire, train, and insure our employees so that if something happens, we deal with the consequences – not you. While we pride ourselves on high standards of on-site safety, accidents do happen. However, your business will not be the one to sort through the mess – that’s the benefit of hiring an office cleaning service in Denver. Also, if someone is injured and unable to work, we have a deep roster of talented cleaners ready to fill their place until they can return. If you were performing in-house cleaning, you would have to provide worker’s compensation, all while hiring and training a new employee. A single accident can cause a huge setback for your personal time and for your business’ performance as a whole. No matter if you’re using office cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, church cleaning services, or school cleaning services, be sure that they are licensed and bonded. 

Flexibility: The primary benefit of hiring a commercial cleaning service is that they provide the flexibility to clean daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or on-call. Accidents and messes happen all the time and it’s nice to know that we provide clients with flexibility. For example, our team can come in before and after critical on-site events (outside of a regular cleaning schedule) to ensure that your property is looking great in front of your very important guests. There are many moving pieces in property management, and knowing that your building will be clean and safe is a big worry off your back as a property manager. At Legacy we offer custom cleaning schedules suited specifically to the needs of our clients. Whether you’re managing a large warehouse, a private school, an apartment, a bar, or anything in between – we have the resources to keep your building sparkling clean. 

When considering whether to hire a commercial cleaning service to help with your property management approach, be sure to remember these four aspects. Don’t just run a Google search for a ‘commercial cleaning company near me’ and expect stellar results. A little research and know-how will lead you to the best of the best commercial cleaning services in Denver – like us.

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