Why You Need Post-Construction Cleanup to Sell Faster

Any home project, whether big or small, long-term or quick, will leave behind some dust and dirt. So whether it’s a commercial or residential project, a do-it-yourself disaster area, or a contractor who’s left behind a trail, you may want to consider hiring a post-construction cleaning service to finish the job and take care of the clutter.

“Progress makes a mess” is an adage in the homebuilding industry. If you’re a realtor, a project manager for a home builder, or a general contractor handling new construction and additions, you likely need a cleaning service at your beck and call to get the home ready to deliver to the customer. At Legacy Construction Cleaning, we take messes and make them disappear so that your property can sell faster and for a higher price.

Whether you have a home, a private school, or a large warehouse – post-construction cleaning and other forms of professional cleaning are always worth the investment when it comes time to sell. Time and time again, clean properties (homes, warehouses, etc.) tend to sell faster and for more money. 

When you have a clean property (homes that are staged sell even faster), the potential buyers can more easily imagine themselves inside of the space, and they’re not distracted by clutter inside. Even if you don’t plan to stage your site, ensuring that it’s professionally cleaned can make a difference in the time it takes to sell. 

But why bother to clean your site before selling? Well, there are a few different reasons other than decreasing time on the market and increasing the sale price.

Clean Warehouses Run More Efficiently.

When a warehouse is clean and organized, free of clutter, and proper hygiene and sanitation measures are met – the warehouse and the employees benefit. Inventory becomes easier to track, accidents occur less often, and the health and safety of your employees will improve. Aside from the perspective of health and safety, a cleaner warehouse is one that conducts business more efficiently. When you can show potential buyers that your space is clean, safe, and move-in ready, your property will not be on the market for long.

Health And Safety Improvements in The Long Term.

Constructions always produce dust and other tiny particles that can become airborne. When this happens, it can lead to respiratory illness. It can prompt allergic reactions, asthma, and other symptoms, jeopardizing the health of both your employees and customers. Post-construction cleaning uses specialized tools to remove fine dust and powders that linger – which can also cause damage to sensitive equipment such as your HVAC systems or expensive technological equipment. Hiring a post-construction service after the completion of the project will provide lasting protection for future employees and for any sophisticated equipment being used. This kind of security blanket can be easily leveraged when it comes time to sell or lease a property to a buyer. 

Prevent Accidents And Injuries.

Debris of various shapes and sizes are likely scattered everywhere following a major construction. This includes metal scraps, cables, nails, screws, wood chips, and other leftover material. These items require proper disposal. When left strewed about, your customers and workers could trip and fall over them. Nails pose an even greater threat as they can puncture through flesh. Sometimes it is not the large leftover items that cause the most damage – it’s the little bits of debris that can cause serious harm. The only way to ensure that everything is removed is to hire professionals to comb through every nook and cranny to ensure that nothing remains from the construction process. 

Improve The Walkthrough Experience For Your Buyers.

Imagine walking a buyer through your site when it’s full of debris – you or the buyer may trip or be forced to step around or over obstacles – this is a huge distraction and instead of thinking about purchasing the space, the buyer will be focused on avoiding obstacles. Even worse would be if someone does happen to trip over something – that’s likely not someone that would turn around and purchase a site. A tidy site allows a much more pleasant walkthrough experience, where the buyer is focused on the quality of the build, not on the poor construction cleanup. 

Improve Your Reputation As a Seller.

First impressions are everything when it comes to showing a property. A foul smell, an untidy space, just a little something off – these tiny little things can ruin a buyer’s impression from the start. There’s a huge difference between walking through a tidy space and an unkempt one, and that difference is distractions for the buyer. You want your buyer focused on the space, and how it might benefit them and their company. Even if the space doesn’t fit for the buyer, you want to leave an impression on them in some way. Perhaps they recall how professional you were and how clean the site was – they will remember that and next time they’re in need, you may be sitting at the top of their contact list.

At Legacy Construction Cleaning we can help to put your best foot forward, whether you’re preparing to sell a home or a warehouse. We know the importance of establishing a good reputation, and our professional cleaning services can do just that!

Simply put – we work to ensure your complete and total satisfaction. Our company is built on our reputation and ensuring every customer we serve truly is satisfied.

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