Why Your Private School Needs More Than 1 Janitor

Private schools in Denver are often much smaller in size than public schools. With a smaller population of students and teachers, a smaller building, and sometimes a smaller operating budget, this means that janitorial services are often an afterthought. Sure, you probably have a custodian or two on staff, but their focus is on making sure the critical infrastructure is maintained – there’s very little time for custodians (let alone teachers) to focus on sanitation and hygiene.

Attending private school is a privilege, and with that privilege come high standards. These high standards include academic excellence, discipline, decorum, and last but not least – the overall appearance of the school. Aside from recruiting new students, a clean, well-maintained facility forms a lasting impression on current and future students. This is why we urge you to invest in professional janitorial services for your Denver private school.

Even if your private school already has a janitor on staff, it’s worth considering bringing in extra help, especially as we now live in a world where cleanliness and hygiene have become much more important at a basic level. Listen below to why we believe that your private school could benefit from our professional janitorial services.

Don’t Rely On Students Or Teachers To Do More Than Basic Cleaning.

You should not expect students or teachers to do more than wipe down surfaces. First – their job is not to clean – it is to instruct and learn. You also cannot expect students or teachers to bring their own supplies. As we said above, it’s a privilege to attend a private school, and for parents paying tuition for students to attend, they may be displeased to hear that their children will double as janitors. Students, teachers, and staff simply don’t have enough time in a day to maintain a high level of cleanliness. You must leave that job to the professionals, just as schools hire cooks to prepare lunch every day.

With a Janitorial Service, Your Private School Can Be Cleaned After Hours.

It’s difficult to accomplish a thorough cleaning when school is in session. While it’s sometimes necessary, it’s not ideal. A professional janitorial service can come in at night or on weekends to conduct a professional-grade cleaning. Without interruptions and space to work, a professional janitorial service can perform a much better job than students and teachers with Lysol wipes.

Janitorial Services Can Be Scheduled Before Major Events Such As Recruiting Weekends, Homecoming, Or Fundraisers.

There are certain times, a handful of days per year, where you’ll really need your school to shine. By scheduling a professional cleaning service to come in and perform a deep clean prior to these events, you can breathe easier knowing that your facility will impress, allowing everyone a more comfortable experience.

It Will Save You Money In The Long Run.

Outsourcing your janitorial services will mean that you do not need to hire or manage anyone. Your janitorial staff will also use their own equipment, you only need to provide a space for them to store their tools. You will also not need to train your janitorial staff or focus on quality control – that is all handled by third parties. When you choose Legacy for your janitorial services, you will only need to consult with us briefly about your needs, and we will handle the rest, as well as adjust according to your feedback. Lastly, our professional janitors will know how to properly clean sensitive equipment such as computers and other sensitive technology.

With a Commercial Cleaning Service, You Don’t Need To Worry About Turnover Or Sick Days.

As a private school with a single janitor on staff, you’re in a perilous position if you lose that employee or they are unable to work. When you hire a professional cleaning service, there will always be someone available to perform the work. Better yet – you do not manage the stress of finding someone to perform the work. Instead of stressing about hiring, you can focus on more important aspects of your institution.

First Impressions Matter, And With a Professional Janitorial Service On Hand, You Can Always Be Confident That You’re Placing Your Best Foot Forward.

We always consider our services as an investment, because we believe they can pay for themselves. For example, perhaps a prospective student and family visit the school – they see how well-maintained the facility is – and they decide to enroll, and they just so happen to have many siblings that will likely join in coming years. Or perhaps an alumnus visits the school, is impressed with the condition, and decides to donate funds or offer a scholarship – your investment into janitorial services has already paid for itself. 

When you think about investing in professional cleaning services for your private school in Denver, you may find more reasons TO hire than NOT to hire one.

Please contact us today if you’d like to learn more about how our professional janitorial services can benefit your private school in Denver.