Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Green Cleaning Services

We all want a clean home and office, and part of the desire to live in a clean space is because we desire safety. Unfortunately, some of the chemicals that commercial cleaners use can adversely affect our health if misapplied or used incorrectly. While traditional cleaning products are largely safe and effective, there’s a growing interest in green cleaning products, which use more naturally-derived chemicals and are often less likely to cause harm if ingested or applied improperly.
green cleaning

Even a simple Google search today can provide a list of common household items that you can combine to create an effective cleaning solution. Commonly-used products include vinegar, baking soda, and dish soap. It may seem very simple, but we always recommend hiring experts and not forming your own cleaning solutions, as it’s easy to create a toxic solution when haphazardly mixing cleaning chemicals. 

Understanding Green Cleaning: A Safe Cleaning Solution

So, what is green cleaning? It’s simply cleaning – but with organic and natural methods and products. Green cleaning causes less harm to you, your family, and the environment. In the Denver area, the interest in commercial cleaning companies that offer green cleaning is rising, and today we’d like to explain the benefits that commercial green cleaning can bring your business and your family.

  1. Green cleaning is healthier for you, your employees, and your customers. With fewer harmful products being used, your surroundings will be safer, but you’re also helping to protect the planet. Many cleaning chemicals eventually find their way into our water supply, causing harm to animals, plants, and marine life. More and more people in the Denver area have begun to care more about their impact on the planet. Opting for green cleaning is one simple, easy way to make sure we’re all living on a better, cleaner planet. 
  2. You can improve your indoor air quality with green cleaning products. Conventional cleaning products are typically classified as volatile organic compounds, which have been associated with a host of health problems like damage to the liver, kidneys, and central nervous system. When you use conventional cleaning products, these compounds are released into the air and when they linger, they can cause harm. By opting for a commercial green cleaning service, you can breathe a little easier. 
  3. Do you enjoy the smell of cleaning products? The scent of some cleaning products containing ammonia or bleach can be very noxious. While some conventional products are scented, there’s still an underlying odor. Most green cleaning products are citrus-based or are made using essential oils like lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus. 
  4. Protect your belongings and extend their lifetime. Unfortunately, most conventional cleaners contain strong chemicals that over time can wear down surfaces. This is important if you work somewhere with sensitive or expensive equipment that needs cleaning. Green cleaners may take longer to reach peak effectiveness, but they are often far gentler on surfaces. If you’re worried that regular cleaning may be wearing down your carpets, tabletops, desk, or other items, then consider switching to more green products. 
  5. Green cleaning can also save money in the long run. While upfront costs may be more expensive, green cleaning products often cost more than chemical alternatives due to their demand. As more people in the Denver area and beyond begin to use green cleaning products, their prices will drop. Another reason why green cleaning can save you money is that many of the components of green cleaners come from cheap, readily-available sources like vinegar and gentle soaps. Lastly, because green cleaning products are gentler on surfaces, your hardware and other items will last longer. 
  6. The overall safety of green products is superior to conventional cleaners. Whether improving air quality, the safety of surfaces, or reducing the risk of chemicals mixing and forming dangerous byproducts – green cleaning is undoubtedly safer for everyone involved. Green cleaners can also keep your pets and young ones safer – you never know what they might get into, and ingesting green cleaning products – while not recommended – is much preferable to the alternative.

Whether you need professional janitorial services or even post-construction cleaning, our team is always happy to customize a cleaning program to fit your needs. While we use both conventional and green cleaning products, we’re happy to use whatever kind of solution you choose. We’re here to serve you! 

Please contact us today to learn more about green cleaning services in Denver!